The planets must be aligned or something because I've found something on the internet I agree with. Ok, so it's a techie thing and not up there with the whole global worming debate (*don't* get me started with that one) but still, it's such a rare thing that I feel compelled to share it. If for no other reason than to prove it can happen!

IBM article on coding

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New Home

You know the saying about cooks cooking at home and builders houses being in the worst repair? Well, same here. After a few years of building and running my own code behind this site I've decided to ditch it and go with a proven open source platform. There are several reasons for this, some of which I'll bore you with now:

  • The platform of choice, Drupal, is the tool we've chosen to use at 2G Creative when building client sites. It makes sense to practice what we preach, and this site will become a testbed for all things Drupal.
  • I'd often have ideas about content to add to my site, but be put off by the thought of having to code and test the infrastructure needed to support it.
  • Any funky functionality I end up developing for this site that doesn't already exist as a Drupal module can be released into the open source community.
  • Why not?

In addition to the new site engine, I've also moved hosts from the Ubuntu server under the desk to the Mac Mini sitting on top of the Ubuntu server, under the desk. The Mini has much lower power consumption (15w as opposed to 90w) meaning it's silent in operation and will last longer on the UPS.

I'll have a switching off ceremony in the next few days for the old server 🙂

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Buy the Book

Last week, after mucho faffing about I found myself in the Apple store at Bluewater. Ok, so it wasn’t much of a surprise but I gave in to my inner geek and bought a MacBook. I went for the midrange one; white, 2.0Gz, 80Gb and that new hardware smell.

Then in what seems to be a worrying trend, the hardware I just bought became almost instantly obsolete. It happened when I upgraded my PC last time and this time, a couple of days after my MacBook purchase, Apple upgraded the specs and dropped the prices. Great.

But, this being Apple, I took it back. They were more than happy to swap it for the new model and refund me the difference in prices. They even asked me if I’d like them to migrate the data over to the new machine. It’s this kind of approach that makes the extra ‘Apple tax’ you pay worth it to me.