All about the green

I've come across an online business that is so ON the bandwagon that it has pushed its way to the front and is now driving.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for saving the planet. It's a fairly nice place to live. But I seriously doubt that the simple text added to emails in the form of disclaimers can be the risk that these guys are making out.

Nor can I see how having them host an email disclaimer for you can be worth £2900 a year.

Still, a brilliant idea that fleeces the eco-mentalists and one I wish I'd come up with.

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Ring of fire

My Xbox 360 has joined the very large group of machines with the red ring of death; the three red lights signify a hardware failure.

Joy. I suppose it serves me right for posting on a forum and saying mine was ok.

First sign was the Shadowrun demo locking up with some graphical corruption, then doing it on the dashboard, then during booting up (see pic) then not booting at all and flicking me the three lights.

A call to Microsoft confirmed its premature departure and a UPS mailing label appeared in my inbox. So, yes, they will fix it and send it back for free (unless I lied about the three red lights, in which case they’ll phone for authorisation to fix it for 75 Euros) but word on the ‘net is it takes over 5 weeks for them to do it.

Now, seeing as I need only send the base unit away (not the faceplate, HDD, cables etc) I’m thinking maybe I’ll buy a core system in the meantime, and ebay one of them once I get my repaired one back. Or, keep both and have a ready-to-go system link setup in the ‘Den’.

My good lady wife thinks I should get a PS3 and not bother with Microsoft anymore. Whilst I can see where she’s coming from, the reason I don’t already have a PS3 is the distinct lack of exclusive games, and the fact they’re £425.

Still… there is a good F1 game for it….



Metallica Unix

Sorry, couldn't come up with a natty blog title for this one.. I've just been looking at the Live Metallica site's FAQs about MP3 and FLAC formats, and came across this which made me chuckle:

What are the recommended specs for enjoying Live Metallica Downloads?

Please note: we do not recommend downloading FLAC files on a dial-up modem. If you are on a slow connection, please purchase MP3 files instead of FLAC.

Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, or later
128 MB RAM
10 GB Hard Drive (a larger hard drive is optimal)
Pentium III 750MHz or faster (or equivalent)
Cable Modem or DSL
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later

Mac OS
Mac OS X (10.2) or later
128 MB RAM
10GB Hard Drive (a larger hard drive is optimal)
Cable Modem or DSL
Internet Explorer 5.1 or later

You probably don't need our advice.

(Hint: The last line)

The slight irony being that I couldn't post this blog immediately, as a couple of tables had been corrupted in my database here, and I had to make with the l33t skillz and repair them via the command line first.

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My ears hurt. It’s my own fault however so I’m not complaining. Even if I were, I wouldn’t be able to hear it so nerrr. This Sunday, we popped along to the new Wembley Stadium to watch Metallica. They’re the only band I make the effort to go see live. They’re the reason I attempt to play guitar and the basis of pretty much all my musical ‘taste’. I know that sounds like I should have a bedroom painted black, some rebellious piercings and parents who don’t understand me, but it’s true. I’m a closet metal-head.