Upcoming greatness

It has come to my attention that a couple of cool things are being made..

An A Team movie!

And, a kinda sequel to Band Of Brothers, set in the Pacific.

Maybe not so great, but also upcoming is a new Knightrider.

So where the bloody hell is Airwolf? Eh? Stuck in Vietnam POW camp no doubt.

But more importantly (yet still in a retro styleee) Sensible Soccer comes to Xbox live arcade this Wednesday. I know it's been hyped to death by the twenty or so people who fall into both categories of 'know what is' and 'actually care', but I'm looking forward to it. And through my rose tinted specs, it'll be great.

Waffle about: 

The Overlook – Micheal Connelly

[amazon cover 0752883003]Imaging buying a big tin of Roses chocolates, sitting down ready to stuff your face only to find there are only three chocs in the tin and that they are only your third or fourth favourites.

That is how reading this book felt.

I normally love Michael Connelly's work, but this seemed like a filler. Like a George Michael album you just know he's only made to fulfill contractual obligations. Sure, Harry Bosch makes his usual appearance and the story has some nice twists and turns, but I can't help but feel that this was cranked out in a weekend simply to tick a couple of boxes. One marked 'x books per year' and the other labeled 'Jump on terrorism bandwagon'.

As an added irk, it's only 260 pages long (versus Echo Park's 400) and the fact that it's hardback sized, yet actually a paperback means a list price of GBP 9.99 as well.

So yes it's a decent enough read, but you could quite easily skip it and not miss anything when the next Harry Bosch book comes along.


Under Review

The more astute of you (and the subset of that group not using RSS) may notice that I've added another menu option. (I've also tweaked the header a bit as the logo looked stupid underneath the text there)

Yes, the new option is Book Reviews, and it will do exactly what is says on the tin once I get around to writing some of the said reviews. The reason for adding it is threefold. Firstly, I'd not messed about with the inner workings of this site for a bit and so needed to keep my hand in with Drupal. (The engine the powers this site.) Secondly, I quite like writing and as I'm woefully out of practice, I thought banging out book reviews would be a good way to start exercising the ol' writing muscle. Thirdly, it might prove useful to someone out there in book reader land.

A useful side effect is that when someone asks me what a particular book was like, I'll have some way of actually answering that question instead of my usual response of;

“I can't remember.. there's a crime, and someone solves it…”

EDIT (April 08): Sorry, got bored of writing the reviews and that page has since sunk without trace.

Waffle about: 

Mortal Causes – Ian Rankin

[amazon cover 0752877208]It seems I'm a bit late to the party on this one. Ian Rankin has churned out a boatload of Inspector Rebus stories and I've missed all of them. Well, not all of them now as I've read this one, and pretty good it was too.

Set in Edinburgh, it makes a nice change from all the American whodunnits and portrayal of the lead character is perfectly balanced between current action and character 'depth'. Which I guess is a flouncy way of saying that despite this being my first Rebus novel, I feel like I already know the character. And it's not just limited to the lead character. Everyone in the story is packed with just the right amount of detail, backstory and personality quirks to really draw you in.

Time for the next one…