Thin crust typing

It must be Sunday evening again as I’m filling space in the big white textarea again. Only this time it’s via my spangly new keyboard. One of these babies..


Yes, that is a USB slot on the side, and yes the keyboard is *that* thin. Not only that, but the keys are exactly the same as on the MacBook, which I love. The only weird thing is that for some reason when I use the spacebar, it makes a sound like a camera shutter. Still cool though. So much so in fact that I might get another one to use at work.

In another attempt to spend, nay, invest company earnings before Mr tax man steals it, my company bought me several techie books recently. Mostly on the subject of SEO (or how to make web sites search engine friendly) and web site usability. (Look around.. can’t you tell that’s not been my priority!) Anyhoo, the plan is to use my copious commuting time to read something useful as well as continuing my attempt on the ‘most crime novels read in a year’ world record that seems to be going on.

Oooh, did you remember to put your clocks forward? We did, and you know what that means? That’s right.. it’ll be light when I get home from work (at 19:00) Yay \o/. (That’s me waving my hands in the air, in case you were wondering.) It might seem like a trivial thing, but being susceptible to the old SAD during winter as I seem to be, any increase in daylight is a blessing. It also marks the end of winter which is a very good thing. Name me one good thing about winter.

See, nothing. It’s cold, it’s miserable, girls cover up more and it’s always dark. (Much like Wales, but that’s a different blog entry)

Oh, things I’ve learnt today…When migrating Drupal sites from development to staging servers is that it’s a good idea to clear all Drupal’s cache tables or things go a bit wafty. And, it’s hard to tell your daughter that she can’t spend hours on a computer when she’s spent her entire life watching you do exactly that. (Luckily she either had the foresight not to use that counter argument or had sussed that it was near enough bedtime to make any back chat result in the inevitable ‘sending off’).

On a slightly related note, she was testing my new keyboard (have I mentioned how much I like it) when she looked over asked how to spell a word. She had had a go but knew it was wrong as the computer had underlined it with a red squiggly line.

Is that a good thing for a six year old to know, or a really bad thing?

Something’s been ‘bugging me..


A short geeky post today. Being attracted to all things new and shiny, I’ve been using the latest beta versions of Firefox and whilst it’s much improved (especially on the Mac with OSX-a-like user interface and a much needed speed increase) I have sorely missed Firebug, the all singing all dancing developer plugin which I find veeery handy during my day job of button pressing as it allows html/css inspection, javascript debugging and most handy, the viewing of full request/response http data.


After spending a while looking at a Drupal page and scratching my head about css styles, which order they were being included in and where to apply my sneaky modifications, I decided that enough was enough and I had to get Firebug working in the beta Firefox, or go back to Firefox 2. Well, it turns out it was as simple as installing a newly released beta of the ‘bug which works in Firefox Beta 4.

So there you go, in short, the latest version of Firebug works in Firefox 3 betas.

Don't take a break, Kitcat

In what seems to becoming a semi-regular occurrence, it's a bright, quite Sunday afternoon and it's blogin' time. Although the weather forecast is predicting a storm of 'once a year' ferocity, it's a lovely bright calm day outside which I shall squander without remorse by staying firmly indoors.

Which almost leads me nicely to the subject of todays waffle. Earlier in the week one of our cats, Kit cat, went out. Nothing unusual about that, apart from the fact he didn't come back until last night. And he wasn't too happy when he arrived either.

Yes, I know cats bugger off for a few days at a time but our guys are only seven months old and had only been allowed outside for the last week or two so we were starting to get worried after he'd been out for 3 nights. When he hobbled into our bedroom it was obvious something wasn't right as he was limping in a strange kind of way and had a chunk of fur missing on his back. He also appeared thinner than usual but he was all hunched up so it was hard to tell.

Being the big jessies we are and despite it being past 2300 (also known as ker-ching oclock it seems) we rang the emergency vet and took him along.

Long story short, he was x-rayed and kept in over night with no lasting injuries found. He's home now and still limping but food is going in and out the right ends which is a good sign.

Lets hope he now has a healthy respect for whatever car/dog/shed/roof that he had the altercation with and keeps his distance from now on.

(oooh, in the time it's taken me to type that, the biggest 'Independence Day' type cloud has arrived and it's all going dark outside!)

Now, where did I put that pet insurance form….