iPhone5? We want MORE!

It seems that people are disappointed with the new iPhone 5 release. Apart from Samsung that is, they seem quite pleased by it. I think both viewpoints are down to the lack of hardware features that make for great news headlines. The article writers wanted more to shout about, and Samsung are relieved that there isn't anything more to shout about.

The thing is though, I don't know what other hardware they could have added. The screen is now 16:9 and a decent resolution, it has 4G capability, a whizzy enough processor and a decent camera capable of full HD video capture. Without sounding like a troll, what's missing?

I suspect a lot of the negative attitudes (lack of traffic attracting headline-grabbing features aside) is down to the apparent lack of freedom. Yes, you have to use iTunes, yes you need Apple TV to connect to use Airplay and yes, you have to use the App store to buy stuff. The thing is, I like that. We're a Mac household. We don't have a household Windows PC that we all use – just MacBooks, iPhones and an iPad. So I quite like the way they all 'just work' with each other.

I understand that the lack of tinkering options and being 'forced' to use Apple stuff is a deal breaker for others, and that's cool. But their deal breaker is exactly the reason I like it. I don't want 15 different ways to be able to do something, with the option of adding more – I just want one way that works.

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