Ok, I give up. Why do the BBC 'insist' on putting 'quotes' around almost 'everything' on their 'website'?

Sorry to point this out as it'll possibly irritate you now it's been highlighted, but I fail to see to reason behind it.

Here are a few examples: (Even as I type this, I feel compelled to quote everything now)

  • 'Single' euro train fare planned
  • Stones 'saddened' by crew deaths
  • Salman Rushdie 'to divorce' again
  • Doctor to get 'extra' companion
  • 'Easier' health complaints system
  • PM defiant over 'al-Qaeda threat'
  • Police avert car bomb 'carnage'
  • Brown 'to give MPs more powers'

Are they so worried about being sued that they daren't risk actually standing being anything they say? If so, then what's the point of reporting anything. It suggests they're no more sure of the facts than someone regurgitating internet rumors.

Apparently on fire….. FFS.

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