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Hello to you all. (Both?) What's new this week? Well, I've been playing with CakePHP. It's a PHP framework that works on the MVC pattern and have some very nice 'scaffolding' and helper features. I've not had chance to play with it much yet, but it seems to be what I've been looking for to fill the gap between an empty .php file and a Drupal installation.

Next week sees the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, and it seems to have rekindled some excitement within me. I'm sure I've blogged about my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to games in the past (maybe I should try the spangly new search feature of this site) but I'm actually looking forward to this one! And as if to prove the existence of sod's law, my brother's XBox has suffered the Red Ring of Death just in time to leave him without a console to play it on.

The site that brought all work in our office to a standstill this week was, The Daily Mash. Read. Enjoy.

Oh, for the history/photography buffs, here are some pretty cool photos. (note that some might be considered slightly NSFW). They contain all manner of historic things… War scenes, Monroe, early computing and general weirdness. In fact, they're like all the images that get forwarded via email nowadays, except some of these are quite moving, and are all from a time long before the prefix 'FW:' meant that the subject was neither new nor funny.

Photos 1
Photos 2
Photos 3

And, in keeping with the war/history theme, here's a tank they found in a lake, that started without replacing any significant parts!

Tank in a lake.
(Decent pictures at the bottom)

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