Book em Danno

It must be a few days since my last blog entry as I've finished another couple of books:

[amazon cover 0552155047]

I must confess that this is my first Frederick Forsyth novel, and it comes courtesy of a random Tesco purchase by my good lady wife. To be honest it was a little hard going in places, reading like a university assignment where the author had to prove just how much he knew about a particular part of the world, religion or process. I know Tom Clancy does the same thing when it comes to weaponry but that's more interesting (to me at least) than the inner workings of Afghanistan's religious sects.

That's not to say it's a bad book, just a little deeper than my admittedly shallow tastes and being the sensitive chap that I am, I was left a little depressed by the end.

[amazon cover 0553817728]

Harvest is the first of Tess Gerritsen's novels. She's a doctor turned author, in a similar vein to Kathy Reichs, although this novel seems a little heavy on the medical jargon. It works well enough on TV shows like ER but it makes for slightly heavy going when reading.

Having said that, it was a good story with enough pace to drag you happily along till the end and I shall no doubt be working my way through her numerous follow up novels in due course.

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