Buy the Book

Last week, after mucho faffing about I found myself in the Apple store at Bluewater. Ok, so it wasn’t much of a surprise but I gave in to my inner geek and bought a MacBook. I went for the midrange one; white, 2.0Gz, 80Gb and that new hardware smell.

Then in what seems to be a worrying trend, the hardware I just bought became almost instantly obsolete. It happened when I upgraded my PC last time and this time, a couple of days after my MacBook purchase, Apple upgraded the specs and dropped the prices. Great.

But, this being Apple, I took it back. They were more than happy to swap it for the new model and refund me the difference in prices. They even asked me if I’d like them to migrate the data over to the new machine. It’s this kind of approach that makes the extra ‘Apple tax’ you pay worth it to me.