For Medicinal Purposes

Firstly, many many thanks to everyones favourite medicine man – Dr. M. who has spared the time to document a day at work for which I'm particularly grateful. Especially as when reading it it becomes obvious that this man does not have many spare minutes in which to catch his breath, let alone produce content for us lot! Thanks again Dr M.

His article can be found on the newly sprouted Day In The Life menu option at the top there. Don't know about you, but it certainly put my job into perspective.

Whilst on a medical theme. I was watching the news the other day about how the auto opt-in idea for organ donors had been binned. I've got a thought on that…

How about if you're on the waiting list for an organ, you get priority if you yourself are a donor?

And one final geeky note; this blogosite has been migrated to the groovy new version 6.5 of Drupal. Not that any normal people care but it gives me a nice warm open sourced feeling.

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