Just the Job

After a couple of years contracting, I've now given that up and as of today I start my new 'proper' job. It's the easiest of transitions as I'm going to be doing exactly the same job, in the same place, for the same client as I was as a contractor, but now as a full time employee of PDMS rather than an independent contractor. For this month at least.

Next month I get to start working in London again, on all manner of funky C# projects so I'll be trading in the M2 driving for the good old trains again. For those interested, my new workplace will be in this building

That's not to say that 2G Creative will change. It won’t. I've agreed with my new employer that as long as nobody takes the mickey, we're all happy to go about our businesses and nobody gets hurt 🙂

In fact, I think the whole 2G Creative perspective will only help matters, as I've a much better understanding of the bigger picture. And as a developer it'll be good to do Microsoft (.NET, C#, MSSQL) stuff during the day, and Open Source (PHP, apache, MySQL) stuff by night.

As is my usual method when learning something, as I pick up C# I'll end up writing what will be a n00b's guide. If it ends up being in any way readable, I'll stick it on here. If not… well, let's just say quality has never been a barrier to content being released here in the past.

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