Loss of Face

With all this Facebook stuff going on, my poor little blog has been left in the shade somewhat lately, so time for a wee update.

So, what’s happened? Well firstly, a couple more of our friends got married. (Congrats Mr and Mrs Godsell). This was preceded by a fine afternoon of clay pigeon shooting by way of a stag do. Most enjoyable it was too, if a little unnerving to discover I quite like shooting things. Of course I let the groom win by a single shot. 🙂

Our family is a bit bigger now with the recent addition of two cats. Technically they’re still kittens, but you can’t tell as I’m sure their father had black and orange stripes and most likely went by the name of Terry. Needless to say, I’m allergic to them and spend my scant few hours at home sneezing like one 7th of the dwarfs.

At work I’m still continuing down the path to the Dark Side that is Microsoft development, but saving my soul with the occasional dabble in PHP/Drupal. It’s actually quite nice to straddle the fence (if a little uncomfortable) as I don’t really care enough about either platform being used enough to get all fanboy-ish about them. They both have their strengths, stupid people can code utter tosh using both of them and users will forever be… users.

Rather than try and come up with a pointless phrase to put on my Facebook jobbie each day (very clever that, BTW) I’m going to dump more blurb in here for now on, and see if Microsoft want to fight Google over a share of this site as well.