Natural Snowlection

Just when we thought that the government had put enough rules, laws, restrictions and bannings in place to thwart natural selection at every turn as it tries to thin out the population, mother nature plays her trump card.

It seems that everything that a stupid person could possibly use to remove themselves from the shallow end of the gene pool has been moved out of their reach, leaving those of us capable of walking and breathing at the same time stuck in a society where nobody takes responsibility for their own actions and the powers that be actually encourage that.

Well, mother nature saw that and decided to give the idiots something to play with.


And then the thinning out started. Despite being told not to drive unless absolutely necessary, people did, and the AA had 45,000 call outs to break-downs. Well, the news said break-downs but it wasn't was it? No, it was idiots sticking it in the hedge wasn't it? 200 people had to be rescued from their cars as a major road ground to a halt. “I didn't expect it to snow.” said one. Really? What do you think the days of severe weather warnings were alluding to then? Sunburn? Two unfortunate geniuses decided to go walking up the Cairngorm mountains. In the worse weather to hit the UK for decades. They won't do that again.

And all you motorists bitching at the local council because they've not gritted the entire county up to and including your drive; guess what? YOU have to take responsibility for driving in the stuff. Not blame the council for not removing all elements of risk from your entire life. Have you fitted snow tyres? Have you actually learnt how to drive in low grip conditions? Do you even know if your car is front or rear wheel drive? No, of course you don't. That's why everything is always someone elses fault.

But, seeing as it's not your responsibility, go for it. Give it some welly down the ungritted roads and give natural selection a fair shot.

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