Need a holiday

Everyone goes away for a summer break right? Well not me. Not usually anyway. But a couple of days ago we got back from our first proper family holiday in.. well, ever really.

We went all in and did the Disney world Florida thing, with an added weekend away / road trip in the middle to visit friends in the US we’ve not seen for a decade.

Overall, it was great. The family had a good time and I think the break did us good.

But for me, it was quite hard. It involved all the things I don’t like. Traveling, airports, flying, crowds, heat, queuing and a large dollop of ‘the unknown’ which seems to bother me way more than it ever used to. But I learnt a few things along the way…

  • Driving in America is more relaxed than the UK.
  • Big Macs do not taste the same the world over.
  • Root beer is alive and well.
  • My hair gets hot enough to burn other people in direct sun.
  • American coins don’t all have numbers on.
  • Tipping means service is way better than in the UK.
  • American TV is appalling – no wonder they invented Netflix.
  • You can buy almost everything with Mickey Mouse on it.
  • There is such a thing as too much choice.

I guess travel really does broaden the mind. (As well as the waistline in this case.)