(Not) new

Now I’m not usually one to moan about things. But there’s some… oh, wait, what’s that…?

Sorry, my mistake. It seems I *am* one to moan about things. Well having set that straight, allow me to carry on and moan about something else.

Actually, no, I don’t think it’s actually moaning per se. It’s more highlighting the fact that something is shit. That’s not moaning. It’s not my action that caused whatever is shit to be shit in the first place is it? No, I’m merely drawing attention to the high excrement factor of whatever it is that has rattled my cage today.

Today (and most days, to be honest) it’s TV.

Since the advent of the near endless array of channels and the somewhat ass-backward concept of 24 hour news channels that seem incapable of finding more than 34 minutes of actual news per day, TV has gotten steadily worse.

And as with most things that deteriorate over time, I hadn’t noticed just how bad it was until the National Geographic channel inadvertently highlighted it with this….


That’s right. There are *sooo* many repeats on now, that they actually prefix the name of the program with ‘New:’ when the content hasn’t already been shown endlessly for several months on numerous channels, each one proclaiming it to be new with the tiny bracketed disclaimer of ‘to them’. Notice that it’s not in the description of the program either, but the actual title.

I’m not sure what will happen when that program is inevitably repeated. Maybe they’ll just tack a little asterisk onto the end of the name and hope people don’t notice.