Behold, a new menu option! Man, I'm outta control here. Won't be long and this site will almost be up to 1990s-esque levels of functionality. As well as a contact form that lets you press buttons and send me the results via email, I've added a sneaky spy function behind the scenes that also emails me on the rare occasion that someone posts a comment around here.

The main reason for all this hi-tech wizardry is to allow you guys to get in touch with minimum effort. (Who says I don't know my audience.. 😉 )

So, come on then, drop me the details of a day in your life! Whilst by its very nature it won't seem all that interesting to you but I assure you it will be interesting to others.

When (or more likely, a big IF) I get enough, I'll branch them out to their own site and promote it as a source for schoolkids to get an idea of what they might want to do. (And in some cases, what they don't). Imagine if you had this kind of thing whilst you were at school trying to decide your options!

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