Save Yourselves!

Seasons greetings everone, from all of us here at Well, ok, that just means me, but seasons greetings nonetheless!

I took advantage of my longest Christmas holiday in years to sort some things out that have needed doing for a while now. For example, I finally replaced the hard drive in the ickle Mac Mini that plays host to this site. (Clever eh, I bet none of you noticed. Even though it was a completely clean OS install and php/sql restoration effort.. mutter.. grumble.)

Actually, that was really the only contructive thing I got around to doing, but hell, I was on holiday.

Here’s a little thought; how long will it be before we have to start changing the widely accepted icons used in software?


My daughter is six on Saturday, and I don’t think she’s ever seen a floppy disk. So the concept of clicking on a disk to save something doesn’t really mean anything to her. And clicking on a pencil to edit something on a computer has never really made sense, has it?

More insomnia sourced questions later!