Search Me..

Nothing much to report this week (seems to be a weekly blog nowadays) other than a couple of changes to this site.

Firstly, you may have noticed the appearance of a search box which should help find content on this site. (Well, ok, it’ll help me find things, but it’s available to all)

Secondly, I’ve binned the book reviews page as nobody was reading it and I wasn’t writing it, either. In it’s place I’ve added an articles page which is where you’ll find (hopefully) more useful content.

Oh there was something else.. Behind the scenes I’ve plugged in an anti spam filter. A slightly different one this. It’s called Mollom.

Basically, it acts as a central spam filter that other sites can sign up to use (via a webservice). So, when someone posts a comment here, it gets run past Mollom which compares it to it’s Spam database and gives the thumbs up/down.

It also happens to be written by the guy who started Drupal, so probably worth a go 🙂

More details here