Something’s been ‘bugging me..


A short geeky post today. Being attracted to all things new and shiny, I’ve been using the latest beta versions of Firefox and whilst it’s much improved (especially on the Mac with OSX-a-like user interface and a much needed speed increase) I have sorely missed Firebug, the all singing all dancing developer plugin which I find veeery handy during my day job of button pressing as it allows html/css inspection, javascript debugging and most handy, the viewing of full request/response http data.


After spending a while looking at a Drupal page and scratching my head about css styles, which order they were being included in and where to apply my sneaky modifications, I decided that enough was enough and I had to get Firebug working in the beta Firefox, or go back to Firefox 2. Well, it turns out it was as simple as installing a newly released beta of the ‘bug which works in Firefox Beta 4.

So there you go, in short, the latest version of Firebug works in Firefox 3 betas.