Spot the difference

You know, I spend more time than is sensible thinking up these blog titles but this one is particular fitting as I've just upgraded my MacBook to the latest OS X version, called Leopard. (See what I did there, with the 'spot' bit?) And, for those who take a quick look at the new version, the differences will be quite hard to spot.

[amazon cover B000FK88JK]

In fairness, I've not explored the much touted 300 improvements that much, but seeing as some of those are miniscule changes to existing apps, I doubt I ever will.

Immediately obvious are the shiny new Dock and consistent application windows (at last!). Less obvious, and in an approach that seems to be the exact opposite of Microsoft's, the majority of the changes are behind the scenes with full 64 bit, Unix POSIX compliance and what seems like a complete overhaul of the networking code. Of course we still get some cool features like Time Machine and Spaces (othewise known as virtual desktops to the beardy types) so the ponytailed types are as happy as the beardies.

For a a lot more detail, may I recommend the Ars Technica Review.

Me? I'm still breaking it in kinda like a new pair of shoes. Some parts are still uncomfortable but on the whole, OS X is still my platform of choice and one that has yet to induce the Kermit the Frog style hand waving episodes that Windows and Linux did.

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