Things that make you go

This isn’t a snobby rant, much, but is based on my genuine confusion.

I’m confused as to why people stick badges on their cars which lie. In particular, the BMW ‘M’ badge. Now, if you don’t know what that is, it signifies that the BMW it’s stuck to is the ‘Motorsport’ model of the range. Which in turn means that it’s significantly different under the skin with uprated suspension, brakes, differential and engine. At least.


Now the key point is my qualifier ‘if you don’t know what that means’. The ‘M’ badge itself doesn’t explain anything in the same way that ‘turbo’, ‘V8’ or ‘3.0 litre’ do. It’s just a letter, and if you don’t already know what it means it doesn’t really explain itself.

Conversely, if you do know what it means, you’ll immediately be able to tell if the car it’s stuck to is really the Motorsport model by virtue of it’s extra exhaust pipes, flared arches, side grills, and (for the extra nerdy types) red needles in the dash dials.

So if you stick an M badge on a non-M BMW, the only people who will know what that means (and therefore the only people who could technically be impressed) will be exactly the people who know you’re lying.