Under(steer) Control

After playing Gran Turismo Sport with six-axis tilt steering on the PS4 controller I was impressed at how well it compared to using my Logitech G29 steering wheel. Great I thought, I can play Project Cars 2 downstairs on the sofa and not have to re-arrange my office to set the wheel up all the time.

Then I tried to actually play PCars2 like that.

Jeez, how can it feel so bad compared to GT Sport?

And so began the long and tedious process of changing the settings, trying it out, swearing, going back to the options, tweaking again, saving, trying… repeat until rage quit. Wait a few days then start again.

I spent ages doing this. So long in fact that a game update was published in the meantime ( that added a new option – Opposite Lock Assist.

After much reading and experimenting I found out two things…

  • The opposite lock assist is related to the Speed Sensitivity setting. (Ok, this wasn’t hard to find out – it’s right there on the settings screen)
  • The Speed Sensitivity settings don’t feel the same for all cars.

The second point was the key. I’ve had to change the speed sensitivity setting depending on the performance of the car I’m using. Between road cars and GT4 class, it feels great with the settings specified, but anything faster than that and even at slow speeds the steering doesn’t respond quickly enough or far enough to allow the car to make tight turns.

For now I’ve settled on these settings as a decent compromise, presented here for others to try and so I have a record of them for when I inevitably make things worse by tinkering again later.

Steering Deadzone    5
Steering Sensitivity    37
Throttle Deadzone    0
Throttle Sensitivity    15
Brake Deadzone    0
Brake Sensitivity    30
Clutch Deadzone    10
Clutch Sensitivity    25
Speed Sensitivity    75
Controller Damping    60
Controller Vibration    100
Minimum Shift Time    0