ET iPhone home

As is my usual way, I first denied that I wanted one. Which was actually true to start with. Then I began the long dithering process which involves a lot of umming and ahhhing and finally being told by my good lady wife to just go buy one. This is the way things normally work in our house.

And so, on a rainy Sunday morning I popped into the o2 shop and declared that I'd like an iPhone thankyouverymuch.

And what a surprisingly easy purchase it was too. Buying a mobile phone in anything other than a pay as you go manner is normally an extremely painful process. But not this time. The young lady simply made sure I was aware of the fact that I was signing up to a new 18 month contract and then went off to get the (surprisingly small) box of Apple-ness. I paid and left. That was it.

The actual registering and setting up was done at home using iTunes with the support of a cuppa. My existing phone number was even transfered over within a couple of hours, as opposed to the 5 days that was suggested it might take.

So how is it?

It's lovely. Being a Mac user, it's especially nice having the same look/feel as my laptop. It doesn't really add any basic functionality above 'normal' phones (with the possible exception of random access voicemail) but it makes it a pleasure to use rather than a chore and given other manufacturers current tendancy to throw unwanted sales-tick-box features at us with no regard to usability, this makes a refreshing change.

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