Hi Resolution

Right, new years resolution time. Just so you know, as I type this I've got no idea what my resolutions are and I'm just hoping that keyboard momentum will carry me though the list and onto a paragraph or so of reflective text afterwards.

Here goes then:

1. Learn some basic music theory so I can correctly name some of the sounds I torture my guitar into making. Apparently 'chugga chugga.. chug-chug ChaAAAangg' isn't a recognised chord name.

2. Stop wasting so much time faffing about on the computer/xbox. Hopefully by spending some of it doing the things in this list.

3. Actually start promoting 2G Creative and start building it as a business.

4. Implement some of these random website ideas I keep coming up with, can't be arsed to do, then find online a few months later.

5. Start planning my mid-life crisis.

6. Decide where on earth I want my career to go. It was all going well until I actually became the programmer I had always planned on being, and then promptly ran out of plan. About ten years ago. The rest of it has been more by luck than judgement which is a bit like saying that winning the lottery is your retirement plan. Sure it might works out for you, but it's far more likely that the wheels will come off sooner or later.

7. Screw it, that'll do. If I keep listing things here, it'll just mean more things that I've failed at by this time next year.

8. Which reminds me… Last resolution; be more positive!

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