Just the fax

Have you seen the HSBC advert? The one with the big tree and loads of people answering the question “what does a tree mean to you?”. When they get to a girl who says “paper” they ramble on about how eco friendly they are, and how they save paper etc.

Well, I messed up logging into my HSBC business account and it disabled it. Fair enough. (Although I'm *sure* when registering it asked WHERE my mother was born, and during the process of trying to reset my password it asked WHEN.) Anyway, I ring out the outer reaches of Asia and speak to a nice lady who takes my details then informs me I need to go to a certain web site, find a form…. print it out, fill it in and fax it to them.

Print? Fax?

Eco rubbish aside, the form requires me to write down my user name, and a new password. Erm, lucky fax is super secure as well as being environmentally friendly.

So, what does a tree mean to me? 1980s internet, that's what.

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