Motivation ++

Right, now that June is out of the way I am allowed to blog again.

Nah.. not really, just looking for a 'hook' to this text. It seems to have been a month or so of not doing things that I usually do but for no apparent reason. Blogging, playing guitar, messing about with Drupal and so on. Like I say, no real reason that I can think of other than more lack of motivation than usual. (Or maybe that should be normalised to say 'less motivation').

Whilst I'm here then, best wishes to my sister who apparently had her appendix out the other day in a rather panicy fashion but seems to be on the mend now.

Speaking of sibblings, a couple of weeks ago, Matt joined me in working for PDMS where we both now press buttons all day with the aim of developing web sites/applications. (I'm pretty sure there is a difference, but that's for a different blog.)

Which leads me nicely onto saying a big congrats to Matt and Mary on the birth of ickle James! (I'm sure the three of you who read this will not be surprised at that news šŸ™‚ )