Older and.. wiser?

Firstly, thank you all for your birthday best wishes, most appreciated. In our house, the passing of my birthday signals the official beginning of Christmas. Decorations are unleashed, chocolates deployed and all things Christmassy are un-banned. The next thing that invariably happens is that the cats start going mental and behaving as if it's, well, Christmas. They climb up inside the tree, chase tinsel and generally behave like most adult feel inside but aren't allowed to show. (Apart from my good lady wife who most definitely wears her Christmas heart on her sleeve.)

Geeky thought for the day… do our Hotmail usernames give an indication of our age? I bet no youngsters have firstname_lastname@hotmail.com like I do šŸ™‚ (Same goes for Gmail)

Like our slashdot membership IDs, they give an indication of just how long we've been around on the 'net. Previously a person's first name was used to give an indication of age (not many Ethels on Facebook) but now I suspect you could use email addresses as well (for recognised domains of course.)

Hmmmm, maybe I could use that as a data validation rule somewhere….

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