Shiny heresy

The other day I installed Vista on my MacBook. There, I’ve said it.

Why? Well, three reasons. Firstly because it was a techy itch that I had to scratch. Secondly, someone is bound to ask me a Vista question and I’d like to know the answer. And third, so I can install Visual Studio and mess about with C# should the urge take me.

As you can read about on a zillion other more detailed sites, the process was pretty straight forward with Apple being nice and putting all the required drivers on the Fat32 section of the Leopard install DVD.


I have to say, I find Vista inoffensive, if a little bit,.. ‘childrens TV’. Everything is trying just that little bit too hard to look interesting. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I don’t see what it offers over XP.

Bottom line; Windows 2003 is for IT people, Vista is for your grand parents, XP has a foot in each camp and OSX is above getting into such vulgar arguments. 🙂

Oh, and Linux is lovely too but it’s more of a teenage OS in that it doesn’t mix well with ‘normal’ OS’s, ‘nobody understands’ it and it’s just not fair.