The Overlook – Micheal Connelly

[amazon cover 0752883003]Imaging buying a big tin of Roses chocolates, sitting down ready to stuff your face only to find there are only three chocs in the tin and that they are only your third or fourth favourites.

That is how reading this book felt.

I normally love Michael Connelly's work, but this seemed like a filler. Like a George Michael album you just know he's only made to fulfill contractual obligations. Sure, Harry Bosch makes his usual appearance and the story has some nice twists and turns, but I can't help but feel that this was cranked out in a weekend simply to tick a couple of boxes. One marked 'x books per year' and the other labeled 'Jump on terrorism bandwagon'.

As an added irk, it's only 260 pages long (versus Echo Park's 400) and the fact that it's hardback sized, yet actually a paperback means a list price of GBP 9.99 as well.

So yes it's a decent enough read, but you could quite easily skip it and not miss anything when the next Harry Bosch book comes along.