Tickled PINK!

Please excuse any typos you come across in this post. The reason they're quite likely this time round is because I can hardly see the keyboard, for two reasons; firstly, I'm in a room that's painted bright pink. Secondly, and directly related to the first point, I'm squinting quite heavily.

No, I've not been swept away by the tidal wave of pink and plastic that is enveloping this house owing to the presence of a six year old girl. Rather, said six year old has out grown her tiny bedroom and has mounted a surprise full frontal attack and successfully invaded the sanctity of my purple den thus leaving me to take refuge in the recently vacated pink box-room.

One upshot of this room shuffling is that she now has room for a little desk, at which she quite happily plays with my old laptop. (It is at this point that I really should create some cliche-based blog catagories, along the lines of “don't they grow up quick” and “it wasn't like that in my day”). It seems someone at school has told her about Google. Now, that's probably a good thing, but it got me thinking when she searched for 'Taylors bedroom pichers'. [sic] Yup, she was after pictures of her bedroom now she had moved into what was my 'den'. I don't know if I should be impressed or scared that she expects Google to have that covered already. Admittedly it probably won't be long given Googles current information-hoovering antics, but still…

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