Under Review

The more astute of you (and the subset of that group not using RSS) may notice that I've added another menu option. (I've also tweaked the header a bit as the logo looked stupid underneath the text there)

Yes, the new option is Book Reviews, and it will do exactly what is says on the tin once I get around to writing some of the said reviews. The reason for adding it is threefold. Firstly, I'd not messed about with the inner workings of this site for a bit and so needed to keep my hand in with Drupal. (The engine the powers this site.) Secondly, I quite like writing and as I'm woefully out of practice, I thought banging out book reviews would be a good way to start exercising the ol' writing muscle. Thirdly, it might prove useful to someone out there in book reader land.

A useful side effect is that when someone asks me what a particular book was like, I'll have some way of actually answering that question instead of my usual response of;

“I can't remember.. there's a crime, and someone solves it…”

EDIT (April 08): Sorry, got bored of writing the reviews and that page has since sunk without trace.

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