Wiki on a Stick-i

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday morning than setting another blog entry free to float away on the ocean of guff that is the internet…

Being a chap with a rubbish memory, I’m always on the lookout for places to make notes. Friends will be familiar with my fetish for notebooks. Actually, as I type this, if I look to my immediate left I see this:


That’s three notebooks (all in use), a shed load of post-its and some A4 sheets with random notes on. As you can imagine, despite taking lots of notes I can rarely find what I need when I need it. On my Mac, I use the very funky Voodoo Pad. So funky in fact, that I paid for the whizzy version. It acts as a Wiki-in-an-application, allowing notes to be taken (along with pictures etc) and all linked together exactly like a Wiki. I love it.

But, seeing as I spend my working days in the world of C# on a Windows machine, I can’t use Voodoo Pad, and having spent ages looking for a decent Windows application that works as well, I’d finally given up. (I even started using Microsoft OneNote to jot things down in. The horror) Then, I stumble upon this piece of software genius:

Picture 3.BlogSmall

Don’t let the looks deceive you. Wiki-on-a-stick is great. It’s a single HTML file with a funky Javascript core that enables it to act as a self contained Wiki. Yup, just one file that you open in the browser of your choice (not IE if you can help it, as it doesn’t support embedded images and you lose the natty toolbar icons) and there you have it, a complete, platform independent Wiki.

Put in on a USB drive (like the super cool one I bought a while back) and you have a Wiki on a stick! I guess it’s nearest rival is TidiWiki, but whereas TidiWiki seems to do it’s own thing regarding the UI, this one acts like the standard MediaWiki and I find it way more user friendly. So there you have it, a great solution to add to my growing list of ‘solutions’… Now, if I could only remember where I make a note of that important thing….