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Needle in a Paperstack

Garry 07/05/2016

Somehow I’ve amassed a huuuuge collection of over 10,000 desktop wallpaper images, which I’ve set to appear in a random order. Every now and then one pops up that needs culling, or maybe being granted longer than the sixty seconds each one currently gets. Problem is, with that many images it’s impossible to work out which one is which, so I came up with the following Apple Script to open the current wallpaper image file in… Needle in a Paperstack

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Drupal to WordPress

Garry 04/04/2016

I’ve been using Drupal to build websites for years now. I’ve used it for a few of my own sites, and for a number of client sites. Since version three point something I’ve been comfortable with it’s often weird ways and always been able to mould it into whatever it was I was trying to build. I’ve read books on it, I’ve build themes from scratch and coded the odd module. I’ve listened to many… Drupal to WordPress

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Synology Packt Book Grabber

Garry 09/03/2016

Over the years I’ve bought a fair few of Packt Publishing’s IT books – they’re pretty good. Somehow though, I managed to remain blissfuly unaware of their free book a day thingy until recently. It’s very good at it’s main aim, which is getting people to visit their site frequently. But I’m forgetful so it’s best for all concerned if a computer does that for me, and claims my free daily book. As well… Synology Packt Book Grabber

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Business : Development

Garry 07/02/2016

Somehow I’ve been writing code for a living for 20 odd years now. During that time I think I’ve spent some time as almost all of the stereotypical developer types, including: The new guy who thinks he knows better than everyone else. The old hand with a whopping two years experience who definitely knows it all now. The team leader who has to deal with newbies who think they know everything. And so on.

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Launching in 3… 2…

Garry 10/10/2015

If you’ve just migrated to XCode 7 and your app is appearing slightly letter-boxed with black bars at the top and bottom then this might help. Apparently the root issue is that storyboards now expect to have a launch image and something in the process of launching your app goes awry if there isn’t one which results in the storyboard not sizing properly. There’s a more technical explaination out there, but that’s the gist of… Launching in 3… 2…

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